BDR’s New Website

BDR logoBDR is excited to announce it’s new website. The website offers new information about BDR’s writing, editing, and development projects and now features the books its authors and teams are working on.

As authors’ books are ready to be announced, BDR plans to add them to the website and create their own author websites. Our first author we’re excited to announce is Oscar R Campbell, who is working on the final edits of his first book, The Dragonblood Cure, of the Philcadian Chronicles.

We’re also excited to explain more of BDR’s purpose and mission on the new website. The old website, while it explained BDR’s mission and goals, it only touched on them lightly. Now, BDR’s mission is clear on its homepage, stating the full two-part mission.

BDR has two missions:

  1. to help aspiring authors to learn and to demonstrate the skills needed to successfully write fascinating works of literature to enlighten the mind and provide endless hours of entertainment.
  2. to bring readers fascinating and enjoyable books in multiple genres: literary and commercial fiction, mystery, romance, religious and spiritual, and children’s books.

More details and company-specific information is on BDR’s About page and FAQ page.

BDR is also excited to announce that it will be running a blog where its authors and editors and post content. You can also follow BDR on new social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out our author updates and inspirational writing quotes.


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