Shadows of Colesbrooke book cover by Brandy I Timmons Children of Kaespars series

Shadows of Colesbrooke

Resident physician Thomas Spencer always knew that there was something strange about Colesbrooke--he had witnessed it in the operating room. When he's attacked and wakes up thirsting for human blood, Thomas discovers an underground world of supernatural magic and hate.

As war between two rival vampireĀ gangs erupts and threatens to destroy the city, Thomas' medical training becomes vital to the war effort. It also endangers himself and his human friends. Torn between saving lives and protecting those he loves, Thomas must discover his new place in the world and avoid succumbing to the effects of the vampire curse.

Shadows of Colesbrooke book cover by Brandy I Timmons Children of Kaespars series

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Philcadian Chronicles

It's been 40 years since the last dragon attack, but the dragon still remains. With a new disease in town, talented but inexperienced healer Asha finds a rumor of a magical cure. Desperate to save her family, she teams up with a haughty elf, a cheerful thief, a sly merchant, and a swashbuckling nobleman to obtain a cure from the dragon itself.


When a superhuman student at John Adams High School is murdered, everything goes awry. Amelia and her friends must master their new-found abilities and overcome heightening discrimination because of their genetic mutations. Can they unmask the true killer and save other students from the same fate?

Children of Kaespars

When Thomas Spencer is wrenched into the supernatural world, everything changes for his best friends. As they adjust to new lives, they begin to question what it means to be human. Not everyone is satisfied. The supernatural world isn't as marvelous as immortality claims, and the desire for normalcy kicks off a quest for humanity, fulfillment, partnership, and a cure.

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