How are BDR's books written?

As BDR works with developing writers, its publications are anonymously written and published under pseudonyms (like Mark Twain was for Samuel Clemens). A team of editors work with developing writers and prepares the final drafts for publication.

What genres does BDR and its authors write in?

BDR and its editors and authors mainly focus on literary and commercial fiction, with multiple series in production for mystery, romance, religious and spiritual books, and children's books. BDR is also producing some business books, cookbooks, and reference books.

When can I buy BDR's books?

Currently, BDR's books are in development and in final editing stages. When they are ready for purchase, they will be announced and available to purchase on Amazon.

Where can I buy BDR's books?

BDR is currently selling its books on Amazon. They can be purchased through the author's webpage or through Amazon.

Is BDR looking for more creative writers and editors?

BDR provides great opportunities for creative writers, editors, and college interns. For more information about BDR's current career openings, please contact BDR.