Copyediting is the editing toward the end of the revision process. It focuses on sentence-level edits and continuity errors. These include:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Fact Consistency (ensuring the facts, descriptions, plot points, settings, etc. don’t change)
  • Technical Consistency (ensuring spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, etc. is the same)
  • Language/voice

These may be addressed by beta readers or critique groups, but normally it is addressed by a copy editor. However, you should fix as much as possible (before hiring an editor or submitting to an agent) by analyzing your own manuscript and trying to fix errors and tighten your language.

As you begin self-copyediting, there are common elements and mistakes to check for. The following resources will help you identify sentence-level errors and how to fix/improve them.

Copyediting Resources

Catching & Correcting Consistent Misspellings

Commonly Confused Words

Editing for Print Formats

Editing Homonyms & Spelling Errors

Filler Words

Punctuation guide for Fiction

Weak Verbs

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Copyediting title on proofread document