Editor Chat: Lexi’s Favorite Places To Read

by Lexi Cooper, Editor

Whether it’s curling up on a couch or sitting outside in the sun, we all have different favorite places to read (though I think most would agree that sitting by a fireplace on a rainy day with a hot drink is a great reading aesthetic). Reading is an adventure in itself but finding the perfect spot to read makes it all the more exciting.

What makes a good reading spot? For most people, it should be comfortable and quiet. When I was younger, I couldn’t read unless it was completely silent. I’ve since adapted, thankfully, but it can still be distracting when you’re reading the same sentence over and over because of some loud noise around you. And if you’re uncomfortable, you’ll spend the whole time shifting around in your seat, thinking about how unpleasant it is instead of reading.

Here are my favorite places to read.

My all-time favorite spot:

Lovesac is my favorite place to read

The Lovesac at my parent’s house is my favorite place to read. This was my favorite spot to curl up as a kid, and nothing has surpassed it. I still love to plop into it with a soft blanket and a good book whenever I visit. The Lovesac is ideal because it can be fluffed and molded into the perfect position. It’s also great because in it, you’re reclining but not fully lying down, which means your arms don’t get tired from holding the book up.

My every-day reading spot:

My bed is one of my favorite places to read.

My bed. This is where I spend the most time reading. My bed is so comfortable, and I love reading in it before I go to sleep. It may not be my number one but it is still one of my favorite places to read.

When I want a change of scenery:

A favorite place to read is on the balcony when I need a change of scenery.

The couch or the balcony. If I’m sick of reading in my bed, I’ll usually move to the couch in the living room, which is also quite comfortable. If the weather is nice, I’ll move to the chair on the balcony (this only happens at select times of year because in the summer there are far too many bugs to spend much time outside without getting eaten alive).

When I’m feeling adventurous:

A café or library. If I’m really feeling adventurous, I’ll leave my house and go to a café or library. This rarely happens because I’m a homebody, but when I was in school, I spent countless hours reading in my university’s library. There’s something about the atmosphere there that really makes me focus.

A favorite place to read when I am feeling adventurous is a library or café.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to find a place to read outside of the house check out BookRiot’s recommendations on Public Places to Read (Other Than a Café).

When I’m reading an audiobook:

Doing mindless tasks. I know that’s not technically a place, but I’m counting it. I love to listen to audiobooks on walks with my dog, doing laundry, getting ready in the morning or at night, and washing the dishes. Without an audiobook (or music), I dread and avoid these tasks, but when I’m listening to a good audiobook, it gives me an excuse to keep listening to it.

I listen to audiobooks while I clean.

Looking for a good audiobook? Good House Keeping gives these recommendations for 2022.

When I’m reading an e-book:

A favorite place to read e-books is away from home.

Anywhere but my house. For some strange reason, I have trouble reading e-books at home. However, when I’m out and about and have a spare moment to read, e-books are my best friend. They’re particularly great in car rides (as long as I’m not driving of course) or on public transportation. They’re a great way to spend time on my phone without mindlessly scrolling through social media.

When I’m reading a paperback or hardback:

I read on the couch or my bed when reading hardback or paperback books.

The couch, my bed, or anywhere I can hold it comfortably. If I get too comfortable in my bed, I risk dropping the book, so the couch is a good option, especially for hardbacks–dropping those can hurt!

When I was a kid:

When I was a kid I loved reading in my bunkbed.

I loved reading in my childhood bedroom. I would usually curl up on the bottom bunk and read way past my bedtime. When I used to share a room with my sister, I would sometimes go sit next to our night light and read there so I didn’t disturb her with another light. I’m not sure if she ever knew about that, but I’m almost certain my parents didn’t.

Where are some of your favorite places to read a book? Give us a comment below.

Editor Chat: Lexi's Favorite Places to Read

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