Philcadian Chronicles

It's been 40 years since the last dragon attack, but the dragon still remains. With a new disease in town, talented but inexperienced healer Asha finds a rumor of a magical cure. Desperate to save her family, she teams up with a haughty elf, a cheerful thief, a sly merchant, and a swashbuckling nobleman to obtain a cure from the dragon itself.

The Aberrations

When a superhuman student at John Adams High School is murdered, everything goes awry. Amelia and her friends must master their new-found abilities and overcome heightening discrimination because of their genetic mutations. Can they unmask the true killer and save other students from the same fate?

Children of Kaespars

Resident physician Thomas Spencer always knew that there was something strange about Colesbrooke, but nothing could have prepared him for the dangers that lurked in the darkened streets. Thomas finds himself entangled in a world of magic and mystery when he's attacked late one night and wakes up to find himself thirsting for human blood.

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