The Dragonblood Cure by Oscar R Campbell book cover=

Book 1 of the Philcadian Chronicles

The Dragonblood Cure

It's been 40 years since the last dragon attack, but the dragon still remains. With a new disease in town, talented but inexperienced healer Asha finds a rumor of a magical cure. Desperate to save her family, she teams up with a haughty elf, a cheerful thief, a sly merchant, and a swashbuckling nobleman to obtain a cure from the dragon itself.

Oscar R Campbell

Author of the Philcadian Chronicles

Oscar R. Campbell

Oscar R. Campbell has always had a great love for animals. Drawing on that passion, he has enjoyed writing about new exotic and wonderful creatures and has developed his own fascinating perspective of dragons, unicorns, elves, dwarfs, and wizards.

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