Shadows of Colesbrooke Now Available for Pre-Order!

Author Brandy I. Timmons‘ debut novel, Shadows of Colesbrooke, is now available for pre-order on Kindle!

Shadows of Colesbrooke is releasing November 4th, 2019 on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, ebook, and paperback.

“Female. Mid-twenties. Multiple harsh contusions, abrasions, and punctures all over the body. Broken femur, fractured wrist, broken nose. Extreme bloodlo—”

“Are those bite marks?” Thomas asked incredulously.

“Yes,” the nurse replied. He shoved his clipboard into Thomas’ chest and began assisting the multiple surgeons in the OR.

Resident physician Thomas Spencer always knew something was strange about Colesbrooke—he had witnessed it in the operating room. When he’s attacked and wakes up thirsting for human blood, Thomas discovers an underground world of supernatural magic and hate.

As war between two rival vampire gangs erupts and threatens to destroy the city, Thomas’ medical training becomes vital to the war effort. It also endangers himself and his human friends. Torn between saving lives and protecting those he loves, Thomas must discover his new place in the world and avoid succumbing to the effects of the vampire curse.

The first installment of the Children of Kaespars series, Shadows of Colesbrooke, is a gripping adventure that kicks off a quest for humanity, fulfillment, partnership, and a cure.

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