Romance Writing Resources

Did you miss our Valentine’s Day celebration posts? On Twitter, BDR shared a variety of posts and resources for writing romance all day. If you missed out on these posts, we’ve compiled them for you!

Romance Writing Resources:

How to Write Romance (In Fantasy) by Mette Ivie Harrison at Orson Scott Card’s InterGalatic Medicine Show

How to Write a Romance Novel: Avoid Romance Writing Mistakes at Now Novel

20 Tips for Writing Lovable Romance Novel Heroes by Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn

20 Authors Share Tips for Writing Love Scenes by Maryann Yin at Galley Cat

Comic Strip #1460 – True Romance by James Breakwell’s Unbelievably Bad

How to Write a Kissing Scene in 5 Simple Steps at LetterPile

Sweet vs Sexy: What You Need to Know About Writing Both by Chuck Sambuchino at Writer’s Digest

How to Write a Great (and Not Schmaltzy) Love Scene by Jessi Rita Hoffman at Jane Friedman

Writing Excuses Season 2 Episode 9: Romance, with Dave Wolverton at Writing Excuses

Tips & Advice for Writing Romance Fiction by Fiona Harper at Writers & Artists: The Insider Guide to the Media

How to Begin a Romance Novel: Seven Tips by Ruthie Knox at Winters In the Storm

Writing Excuses 5.31: Writing Romance at Writing Excuses

Twitter Thread by Maisey Yates

Writing Romantic Scenes and Fight Scenes: 6 Parallels at Now Novel

Heed the advice of romance authors and editors that have gone before you by checking out these romance writing resources to help you enhance your romance writing skill. Happy writing!

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